Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Time Change

I really do not like the time change. Two times every year we have to try and get our internal clocks changed as well as the actual clocks around the house. It is a little bit better for me now since I am not working and I am not trying to run a routine like I did before. It would be nice to just leave it alone at whatever was the original way.

I didn't get to play poker on Friday. I got a call from my Mom's Assisted Living place and they thought she had broken her arm. I met her at the emergency room and sure enough when she fell off the chair Monday we didn't realize she also fractured the arm as well. They took the CT of the head but no one even thought about arms, hips or whatever. This trip to the ED they did the arm and also did a hip to make sure. She is doing well and today we are taking her to the Orthopaedic Doctor to see what they want to do with the arm. The fracture is pretty high on the Humurous Bone.

I did get to watch the WSOP on ESPN3. That was great and I am glad we now have an opportunity to watch some poker tournaments on the internet. They are long but I really think I can learn something by watching the table play. I am a very visual person so watching something being done helps my play.

I am not sure if I will be able to play this week since I will have some minor surgery ( Injections ) in my neck for the C7 spine issue. I am having an issue sleeping at night and sitting for long periods of time. The Fall Poker Roundup is currently going on at Wildhorse. I have been looking forward to playing this tournament but with the issues with my Mom I have decided to not play this session. I will play again in the Spring when it comes back around. I just need to continue to play here at Jokers and continue to get better with my play.

My Stock Trading is going well this week. I finally decided to start acting instead of watching the market and put some money at risk. I am up at this point and will continue to follow. I need about 3 more stocks I can follow and trade. If I have a few I get to know well I think this will do fine instead of constantly trying to find something to trade.

Having Fun.....

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