Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BBQ Sauce

Wow, if you want some good BBQ sauce you need to try this. Go to Ron Reed's Signature Barbeque Sauce Co. online at and get yourself some of this. I have tried all of them and they are fantastic. You will not be disappointed.

The sauces that are available are the "Original Brown Sugar" which is their mild tasting sauce. Has that good sweet taste. Now if you are a little bit more daring try the "Brown Sugar & Jalapeno" This has a medium taste and I love the jalapeno. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Now if you are into the heat you have to try the "Brown Sugar & Habanero" What a combination this is and is the hot one. This one will get you going for sure.

All of these are great on your steaks or even chicken wings. Give it a try I know you will like it. Each 16oz bottle is $6. You can't go wrong.

I don't usually do advertisements but this is just great. I am sure Ron will appreciate the business as well. Tell him Steve sent you.

This is the start of the holidays and I hope everyone is safe. I am looking for sunshine and warmer weather. I have a feeling it is right around the corner come Spring the first day of March.

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