Monday, November 01, 2010


It is amazing to me that we all have the same thing in common everyday. That would be decisions. We all make them. Some are harder than others and some seem trivial but they are all important to each of us. You have to think back on some of the harder decisions you have had to make and what would have happened if you had made the opposite decision.

I enjoyed watching the EPT Vienna Main Event over the weekend. Watching poker is like watching golf. Nothing happens and then all of a sudden a hand that there is something happening and you need to pay close attention to the decision that is being made.

Watching the hand with DN and two others yesterday was interesting. They each had decisions to make for the chance to continue with the tournament and take a commanding lead. I was sitting watching this and trying to figure out what each person had with the cards on the table. Who had the set, pairs, straight. In the end when all was said and done one person was eliminated, one person went from chip leader to short stack and one person went to chip leader. I must say that was exciting to watch.

We all have the same decisions and some are not as important. Before you act today on a decision think about it and make the correct call.

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