Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We really got hit with the snow in the state of Washington. I went out to pick up my wife from work yesterday and I left at 3PM. I got home somewhere around 6:30PM. That was a long trip for about 10 miles. I really think if we had another bridge somewhere out in the north of town over the river it would sure help the congestion around here. It is either that or don't let everyone go home at the same time. If they would stagger the times that could help.

Something I have noticed lately that I find annoying is people still on their cell phones while driving. Today I was driving on 240 headed to Kennewick and this vehicle in front of me was not steering correctly. I noticed when I looked over at him that he was talking on the cell phone and at the same time had his hand off of the steering wheel. We have ice on the road and he is doing that. Where are the police when you need them. I wonder if I started turning in license numbers if that might help. It can be very annoying. And while we are at it what about these new cars that have this brown plastic over the license plate. I thought that was illegal as well. I guess if I have to follow the rules then maybe they should as well.

I have decided that as of this last weekend I am now stopping my visits to the store. You talk about rude people while shopping. Just can't deal with it.

Looks like I will have to wait till next week to play some poker. I have 3 different doctor visits next week. Crown, Neck discussion for surgery, Diabetes check. Sounds like fun. I figure we just need to get them out of the way the first of the month and then see how the rest of the month pans out.

Have a nice holiday. Don't eat too much turkey.

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