Friday, November 05, 2010

All things Poker

I got to the Casino on Wednesday prepared to play in a tournament. This tournament is $35 with T$20,000 in chips and has 10 minute rounds. I really do not like the 10 minute rounds. It does make for a fast tournament but doesn't allow you any time to work the table. It makes you get involved with hands too early and I even think it makes people stay in with hands they wouldn't normally stay in with. I try to play my usual game and that was not working for me. The first one was KK and I sort of slow played them but the flop came with a good flop for me so I did a continuation bet thinking they would fold. Nope they came right on along. I bet with the turn and the river thinking I was still good. They turn over a set that was reached on the flop.

The rest of the tournament for me ran the same way. I would have a hand and the person would have just one hand better than I. Ok, how about some wine with the crackers. I kept at it throughout the tournament and finally when I got down to about T$7000 left I pushed it all in with my pocket 6's and lost to a flush. That was my night.

Today I am ready to play again this afternoon at 3PM. Better setup with 20 minute rounds. This is the usual and is a better tournament for me.

Last night we were driving home from dinner when I noticed in someones living room a Christmas tree was set up. I can't believe people already doing Christmas and we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. Come on people, get with the program.

Have a good day...

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