Saturday, April 16, 2011

Black Friday

I had spent most of the day taking care of some of the financial stuff that I needed to do for my parents and for us. In the afternoon I had a couple of the grandchildren here watching a movie they wanted to see. I then started reading travel blogs and got myself going in that direction.

I have been doing a paper route for a person that did something to her foot and is unable to walk the route. Going to bed early and waking up at 0245 to do this route has me pretty tired. This morning was my second day and I am not sleeping well. I have never been a person that liked the night shift after 0100. I do well up to that point but after the clock strikes 1AM I am down for the count.

I was sitting in my chair last night and decided to take a look at Twitter to see what was going on in the Poker world. I follow mainly the professionals to see who is playing where and what they are doing. I was surprised to learn that the world of poker was shut down in the U.S.

My first thought was, NO, they didn't actually do that. Then I started reading more to get more information. My second thought as I was reading all of the complaints was, now you know what we have been going through in Washington State and it didn't seem to matter to anyone since it didn't affect them. Now it does.

It is amazing how when it affects others that all of a sudden it makes it important. I have been trying to use my bankroll in the live arena. It does cost more to play and you have to go to the casino. It takes time and gas to get there. Do you want to go out at that time to play and you have to wonder will there be a game to play when I get there.

Now I have to wonder what will happen to online poker? What will happen to the WSOP? The WPT? What about the Pokerstars and Fulltilt tournaments that have been put on where you find online qualifiers? Will the participation numbers go down? I guess we will know the answers in a couple of months. What will life be like without online poker?

I also "Play the Stock Market Game", and I wonder if the government in all their wisdom will shut this down as well. Think of what has taken place with that industry right here in the U.S. where people with power take the money of those that are trying to make it in life. I see no difference here and if the government wants to save us from ourselves then they should look at that and put some of them in jail for what they have done with the markets.

I am not very happy with our government right now and what we need to do as individuals is ask the appropriate questions before we vote for an individual to see if they fit what we need. It is like a job interview. I know the one time I got called and was asked to vote for someone the first question I had for the person on the other end of the phone was "Do they support poker"? Maybe we need to do more of that.

I really hope that this is just a bump in the road and that the government will get this turned around so we can get back to what we enjoy. There are so many other things that are more pressing issues for us in this great nation of ours. Gas Prices, Economy, jobs to just name a few and I know the list could go on and on.

Well, enough of me ranting about life as a poker player. I hope the rest of the weekend goes well.

Have a fun day......

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