Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Done

Stayed pretty low this past weekend. Not much news and didn't do much.

I heard that Jokers Casino has a $2-4 Limit game on Monday afternoons starting at 2PM and goes until about 6PM and then the Freeroll starts from there.

I walk into the Casino at 2:15PM and no one is around. The Poker room is quiet and no dealers are even around. Maybe that was a rumor except I heard that from one of the dealers.

I have decided to see if I can find another casino that does have the games going. It is really hard to drive to Spokane due to the gas prices. If I can find one in one of the other towns in this area that would help me out and make me happier. This next week I was going to play in the Seniors event at Wildhorse but I want to earn my way in and want to do that by playing live.

We sent our taxes in last night. Not looking forward to this. We owe this year as we did last year. This next year will be different since I will not have any income to report unless I find something before the end of the year. Finding work is hard right now and being in the mid 50's does not help the situation.

I guess we are trying to conserve as much as possible. Right now we are looking at changing our Car and Home insurance company. The difference from $1475 to $700 is hard to let pass. Saving that much money per year is something that will help us greatly. We have made some other changes and so far they are helping but this will be the biggest yet. We keep looking for ways to cut, cut and cut some more.

I did purchase another Dividend stock this morning. I purchased ARR and already have CIM that produces on a quarterly basis. ARR will produce on a monthly basis for now. Would like to pick up a couple more and have dividends coming in and that would help.

Have a fun day......

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