Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile. For me things have been pretty crazy and I am trying to figure things out.

I finally got upset enough with poker that I just backed off of playing for now. My mind has not been into it even though I do keep up with the blogs and what is going on in the news. I have written before that since WA State has taken away our right to play poker online that my avenue to being able to practice my skill is hard. Of course, now that the DoJ has taken away poker for the U.S. players everyone is in the same boat.

Playing in the casinos is my preferred choice but with the games that we have in this area they are not a good structure wise for me to continue. Way to expensive and more luck is involved than the skill that one possesses. So, at this time I will sit and wait for the chance to travel someplace to play or just wait for a better opportunity.

I must say my stock portfolio is moving along nicely. Not so much that I am just knocking it out of the park but that I feel that I am understanding what I need to do to play with the big boys in this setting. I have to have a strategy and I think I have figured out that playing the dividends might be the avenue for me. It means I hold the stocks longer but that teaches me patience and I am improving my technical reading of the stock charts. There is so much involved with this skill as well. It is ironic that some of the skills I learn in poker is transferred to playing the stock market or reverse for that matter.

Part of my life I never talk about is my health. The last three weeks I have been having issues with sleeping. I can go to bed at night at my usual time and in about two hours I am awake. I find I cannot go back to sleep. Makes for rough days. I have taken sleeping pills to give myself the needed rest but refuse to use them on a daily basis. So, just like tonight I am up and writing this blog. Usually I spend time surfing the net looking for things to learn or read.

It is amazing to me how people get tuned in to their bodies and know when there is something wrong. Solving the issue is another issue as well. What is the problem? You start to mentally go through the checklist of things you know. Is my diabetes being a problem for me? I know alot of things can happen because of diabetes. Am I for sure feeling what I am going through and is this causing my ability to not sleep? I do know that I tend to be better when I am up and not lying down.

I know that I have arthritis in my joints and maybe that is causing some issues as well. I just don't know. I do know that I have been riding the recumbent bike for about a week now and have been going at 20mph and riding six miles per day. I thought that might help but so far no weight loss and still not able to sleep. I guess I need patience for that as well. I will keep at it and see if that solves any issues.

I never thought that at the age of 55 that I would be without a job and basically be retired from working. I knew the time was coming that I would be backing off from the big paycheck that we all strife for and have a retirement account that we could use to get out and have fun in life. Isn't this the time in our lives to finally get to do some of the things you have always wanted to do but were too busy? Instead you feel like you are in prison and nothing changes. What happened to conversations with friends? I guess things change and again you are forgotten. Is that what happens?

I continue to watch my parents get older and I try to take care of their needs. They are both in a good spot. Mom is doing as well as can be expected with her Alzheimers and she is now with Hospice. She will refuse to do things at times and that is her perogative. Dad is doing well but he is loosing his eyesite. I try to be their for him when I can. I just continue to watch this cycle and to me it is sad to watch.

Anyway, I will continue to post here on my blog but maybe not as often as I was. Since I made this my poker blog I may now use it to continue to write on other topics. Maybe more stock stuff and other thoughts.

Have a fun day......

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