Friday, April 08, 2011

Off Topic

Maybe it is time to take some time away from poker playing and do something else for awhile. Or maybe not. I really don't play the game that often maybe just one or two days per week. I enjoy both the Cash game and the Tournament play. Maybe my dream of being a professional at this game was set a little too high. I am not one to play a game for fun and if I am able to earn some money playing the game I am more interested.

Having lost the ability to play online has really affected my bankroll and what I was trying to achieve. I was doing well online and the opportunity to earn some money was great. I don't have the option of moving to another state so I have to try and find ways to play this game and keep motivated to keep learning without loosing my bankroll altogether.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and most of them have to do with living a minimalist life. Since I have been out of work since January 2010, I have become interested in living on very little amount of money and trying to see how that can happen.

I would like to have my own business and trying to find what will work for me. I like the fact of working on the internet and it would have to be internet based so what could it be? I have been reading about blogging and how that could become a business. I would need to find something that I can do well and write about. This blog started out many years ago as a way for me to talk about my stock endeavers and then moved to poker playing and trying to make it in that field.

I am still working at the stock market and I have been putting a lot of energy on poker lately. I do enjoy cooking and trying to find things you can cook that do not require a lot of ingredients. Here is the one I made last night.

I used some leftover spaghetti sauce and cooked up hamburger. When the hamburger was done I put them together in the skillet.

Since I had some egg noodles in the cupboard I put on a pan and got the water to boil. I put some oil in the water and then when it started to boil put the egg noodles in.

I didn't want to stop there so I pulled out the head of lettuce we had in the refrigerator and took a few slices off of it and chopped it up. I put cheese and a few olives on it to make it look nice and since I like Italian dressing that is what I used. It was an easy meal to put together.

One of the other things I have been wanting to do all of my life is to be able to travel. My dream has always been to be able to go cross country on a motorcycle. Is that dream viable? I would take my time and use non interstate roads to accomplish this. It would be fun to try. I guess I would first need to buy a motorcycle to make this happen.

My stock market endeaver is going alright. I have been working on dividend stocks and trying to find the right ones at the right time so I am not tying up the capital during the non dividend dates. There are a lot of them out there and it is just trying to find the ones with the highest yield and not much movement.

I will continue to persue my dreams and keep the blog updated.

Have a fun day.......

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