Sunday, April 03, 2011

New Season

We start a new season of Baseball. It is so nice to see the season start up again. I don't get much of a chance to watch baseball but I do try to keep up with what is happening.

When I was growing up I lived in Indio, CA and what I remember is Football. We had one of those vibrating boards and we would actually purchase the little men and paint them to be the teams. We had quite a few of them and my brother and I would have our own season with the teams we had built up. It was fun.

I didn't know about baseball until we moved in 1968 to Seattle, WA area and then we found out about the Baseball team Seattle Pilots. Our dad would take us to see the Basketball Seattle Supersonics. At that time the Seattle Pilots were sold and went to Milwaukee and became the Brewers and a few years later we got the Mariners. My favorite Baseball team has to be the Seattle Mariners. My Football team is the now St. Louis Rams. I really never did get into Basketball.

I ended up playing Men's Fast Pitch Softball from High School through College and City League. I played Catcher and had a lot of fun. I liked the strategy of playing and having team mates to help win the game.

Because I haven't been one of those top notch players I gravitated to playing sports that only required a single person to compete. I felt that I needed to rely on myself to win and not depend on others to carry me through. I got myself into Golf and now into playing Poker. I can push myself to learn and do better if I work on myself.

Today was a day to work on the yard and get it mowed for the first time of the season. I will start watering this next week as well. Got to start it up sometime.

I will leave early on Tuesday morning to Spokane and play in the Seniors tournament and push myself to do well. I am prepared for battle.

Have a fun Day........

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