Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Live Cash Game

After playing in the tournament yesterday at NorthernQuest in Spokane I decided that if I want to play in the Senior event at the Wildhorse Casino on the 19th that I would need to win the buy in by playing the live cash game here at Jokers. Tonight was my start to try and get myself into that tournament.

I arrived at Jokers at 8:15 this evening and purchased my buy in. I decided that I would play short stack tonight and see if that would work alright for me as it would at least save some of my bankroll.

The very first hand I got AK and when the flop came it was 10QJ. What a flop for me. I started to raise and get the pot to grow. At this point I don't remember what the turn or river cards where but I ended up loosing to a flush. I then decided that I would have to play a tighter game and get the money back.

The next hand I played I got a flush and started building the pot and lost to Quad 2's. Ok, this is not funny and I was starting to tilt a little bit here. This can not be happening to me.

The last hand I played I got a flush and lost to another full house. I am done playing for the night.

I guess you have to accept this happening every now and then. It is part of the game and I accept that. It just makes it hard when it happens on all of the hands you play. Now, I am not complaining but just venting a little bit before I let this go. Tomorrow is another day and I will go back to playing the game I like.

I go back and forth between playing Live vs Tournament. What do I want to play. The chances of growing the bankroll is greater at cash but you can win more by playing tournaments but you don't win often. Where is the trade off and which one is better. I have played tournaments for a number of years and love the competition. I need online poker to be brought back to WA state.

Enough of this. Time for bed. Have a good day.......


Bankroll Journey to $100k (Mother Undercover) said...

That's frustrating! It is part of the game - Were you able to tell where your opponents were during the hand? Good luck in the tourney - Go for it!

Steve said...

Yes, it is very frustrating to play at a table and loose the entire buy in. I was reading the cards fine and there was no idea that they could possibly have those hands. I think I was the one betting and they were calling and letting me build the pot. I should have played smaller pots instead of going for the big pot win. Maybe it had something to do with being short stack and wanting to double up. I usually play with double the amount I had on the table last night.

Still not sure what I am going to do. Live or Tournaments. I would like to try a $2-5 game instead of this $2-20 spread. The pots are so much bigger with this game.

Thanks for following along.