Saturday, May 05, 2012


Friday morning and I am getting ready to go for my morning walk before work. I am starting to like the time I spend walking around one to three blocks depending on the time I have before I leave. Using the bus transit system this week has been good. It is always nice to be able to save some gas and it does allow me to just sit back and let someone else do the driving. Actually it is taking about 15 minutes more than if I was doing it myself. On Thursday I dealt a live game all afternoon with the poker manager. Every 20 minutes we pushed each other and it went well. I dealt out the Regressive Bad Beat for $500 and the manager put out a Monte Carlo as well as having someone crack the black aces for $100. It was a good day for the players. I am continuing to have problems with my game and I am looking for ways to work through the issues. I am close to finding a $3-$6 Limit game and once that is finalized I will be playing that one. I have played this at Legends Casino as well as NorthernQuest and I would like to see the game here. Well, off to work I go. It will be a very busy day for all of us. Have a fun day........

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