Thursday, May 24, 2012


Seems like I have slowed down in blogging. I have been adding things into my schedule that it has been hurting some of the things I have done in the past. I am looking at starting a web site that would take in a little more than what I can do on here. Exercising on Tuesday and Thursday nights now. Things that just take up time. I have been playing some $2-$6 and $2-$10 spread. I am doing well with it and my bankroll would be going up except I have had to use some of it for other things we have needed. It is nice to have the ability to use the bankroll but of course the intention is to use it for poker only. We have some constant players at the casino we play with at the table and it is interesting to watch these players. We have a person who has changed his game to be more loose aggressive and that has matched up to another player who is loose aggressive as well. One of them is a psychologist and to watch him put pressure on someone for a pot is amazing. Of course he will do that to me and if I have the hand I will play it down. He does have a couple of tells and it has worked out for me. The other one I have watched enough now I think I have a tell on him as well. Now I will try them out and prove them wrong. If it works I can use them for awhile until they figure it out. I keep changing what I want to do with tournaments. I enjoy playing the live game but then again I enjoy the tournaments as well. I am thinking about playing one tournament per week and trying to find a deepstack that would be fun and something I can learn from. Playing the shortstack tournaments have not been fun for me and I tend to just get rid of chips early. We will see where this goes. Have a fun day.....

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