Monday, May 14, 2012

Still Here

This past week has been very busy. I ended up taking my Dad to the "Doc in a Box" and found out he had Bronchitis. Having issues with the Assisted Living place giving meds and finding out that quite a few of the residents were very sick. They even closed the cafeteria and were feeding everyone in their rooms. I walked into the facility and find all the staff wearing masks. After that I ended up taking my Dad to the local hospital to the emergency room. I always hate going their because everything takes so long to complete. They decided to do blood work, UA and X-ray. After three hours of waiting a nurse comes in and I ask about what is happening. She looked on the computer and said we were waiting for the UA to be finished in analysis and that was it. I asked about the x-ray and she said nothing was ordered. Now it becomes four hours and then the x-ray tech walks in and says he is going for the x-ray. Overall they couldn't find anything and we got to spend five hours in the emergency room. I have been keeping up with my dealing at the casino. It is really slow right now and we are getting the first game going in the morning but after that it dies out. We can get a live game going for a few hours but that is it right now. I have played some just to help keep the game going. I really don't like to do that. Today I have a Trainer assessment to go through and then a Doctor's Appointment. Once these are done I will be going over to play some $2-$4 Limit. Hopefully they will have a game. I purchased a octagon poker table the other day and now will be able to have some dealers over to play and learn some omaha. Have a fun day.....

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