Monday, May 07, 2012


The weekend is over and here we are in a new week already. Time flies when you are having fun. On Saturday I worked the usual day shift and was out of the casino by 2:30. Not much happening and the live game was going but when the new shift came on I was able to clock out. The big tournament was that night and we had three of our dealers qualify to play in the $1000 event so I offered to come back and deal the evening tournament. I showed up at 5:15 and immediately got into dealing the live game and then started the tournament at 6PM. We had about 75 players which meant we had 25 alternates. It was a long evening. I normally don't deal the evening shift but am trying to push my comfort level to get better at dealing to a different group of players. I must say they are a rougher group and won't mind chirping at you when you do something they don't like. I had two errors on the night. I had a new player come into seat one and immediately he was in the big blind. I dealt the cards around the table and when I was done I took his cards because they were sitting next to me. I thought he mucked. Actually he was still getting settled into his seat and I took his cards. Floor was called over and I explained what I had done but it was ruled a dead hand. What a start for him. I apologized and we moved on. My next error was trying to give back change and my brain couldn't figure out the difference in amounts. That was frustrating to me and once I told myself to settle down I was able to get it done. The rest of the night was without incidence and I made it through the tournament. Sunday was nice in that we were able to play a $200 quarantee and that was our only tournament. We couldn't get a 3PM to go so we started a small 5 - 6 handed $2-$6 Limit Spread game. It wasn't too long until the next shift came in and I headed out for the day. Another dealer and I are looking at starting a web site that will give us the opportunity to do some things that we can't with the blog. We want to be able to give out schedules of tournaments in the area and then do a blog about our Magazine and Book Reviews. Put up a hand that we have played and let you give us your opinions on what you would have done. We like the idea and will be working on this. I don't know when it will start but I will let you know. I am also looking at trying something as well like starting with $50 and seeing if I can get it to grow playing either a $2-$6 or $2-$10 spread game. I would have rules on how I would be able to play and what would happen if I felted with the money. I found out there is a $3-$6 limit game in town on Monday's and I am going to try that out today if they are playing the game. I really enjoy this game and have done well. I usually have to go to Yakima or Spokane to play but if they do have one here I am on it. Have a fun day.......

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