Wednesday, May 02, 2012


The last couple of days I have just been dealing the tournaments. I have been trying to stay away from playing at this point to just give myself some rest from the dealing part and the playing. Sometimes I just push myself to much and I need to take a break. We have a couple of people that are very annoying at the table. I missed seeing a chip and gave a number and before I could correct myself this person was correcting me. Talking about the dealer not able to count chips. I guess if I was perfect I would be him. I have respect for dealers and what they are doing to give us a game to play. Don't give us grief. I delight in seeing this person get taken out of a tournament as well as seeing him give his chips to another person at the live table. I really enjoy being the dealer when that happens. I have started taking the bus again to the casino. I will be saving about $150 per month on gas. This also saves my bankroll as well. I have been making changes with other things as well. I am taking the internet off of my phone and purchased a phone without the contract. We will be getting rid of our landline as well. Trying to help our bottom line. Have a fun day.....

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