Monday, September 09, 2013

Aggressive at the Table

I went down to Jokers casino yesterday and signed up for the $40 tournament.  I like this tournament or the one they have on Friday.  You get T$10,000 in chips and in this one it is 15 minute rounds.  On Friday you get 20 minute rounds.  That makes Friday more preferable but I will play either one.

I sat down in the number 7 seat and I get a loud person who is on his way to drinking too much.  In fact during the tournament he saw someone walk into the casino and he yells across the room that he is an a..hole and flips him off at the same time.  Nothing is done about this outburst in the room. 

This guy in very loose aggressive and on the very first hand I get Q10.  With the table calling and being in position I decide to go ahead and play.  The flop comes x10x.  The ten was the highest card on the board.  Seat 6 bets and I call his T600.  The turn comes and a Q shows up.  He bets again and I call.  I know have two pair and a spade flush draw.  The river shows a spade and I now have the flush.  He bets I call, should have raised but with the Q10 spades but he might have had a bigger flush.  I turn over the flush and he mucks his cards saying he had two pair as well.

All the way through this tournament I was having to wait for the best hands or when he wasn't playing then I would go ahead and play.  He almost went out of the tournament which would have been good for me.  

On the last hand we were at 1000/2000 blinds and I had QQ in my hand.  I was in the BB and with 7,000 left I went all in.  He called and he turned over AJ.  He started to complain about my pocket pair when the dealer turned over the flop AJx.  This didn't look good and when the turn showed a J I was done.  The river was x and I got up to leave.  

I don't feel bad because I felt I played the cards correctly and waiting for the loose aggresive player to throw his chips away.  Sometimes they just get lucky.

Maybe next week.

Have a fun day....... 

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