Thursday, September 05, 2013

That didn't go Well....

On Tuesday I decided to go play some poker here in town.  The tournament started at 1PM and cost $5 with an add on of another $5 I was able to get T500 more in chips.  That meant I had a total of T$1,500 in chips to start.

I played tight enough that everytime I would enter a pot the flop would come out and not be anywhere near what I had in my hand.  Makes it hard to even play position when the flop is completely in the opposite spectrum of what I had.

I was able to get to the first break and I added on another T500 in chips and just hoped the cards would turn in my favor.  My last hand was J10 offsuit and I decided to go ahead and push all in since I knew I couldn't get anyone out of the pot by just betting.  Sure enough the person next to me called my all in.  The flop was very good to me in that I now had a straight draw.  The straight was completed on the turn but the other guy got a full house when the board paired. 

On Wednesday I decided to go play some $2-4 limit before the tournament and I sat down at 11:45am with $25.  I was getting some good cards to play but the flop again would take me out of the pot.  This time I was dwindled down to nothing and ended up going home after 15 minutes of play.  Not my week to try and play some poker. 

Headed to the west side of the mountains tomorrow afternoon.  Will not have time to play any poker as we will be headed back this way on Saturday afternoon for a wedding reception.  One of those quick trips but we are at least spending the night and not driving all day.

Have a fun day......

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