Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Fall is On Its Way

Fall is in the air and the temperature should be in the 80's soon.  We had some thunder and lightning last night and we should have another storm come through on Thursday and then we will start to see the temperatures in the low 80's.  I see a prediction that we will have a day in the high 70's this week.

I have been pretty busy this last week getting the fence done.  Now I will have to clean up the yard from all the old wood left over from the fence.  I am pretty pleased with the finished product.

I have purchased my new books and have been reading the first chapters in the three classes I will start on September 23.  I like to get the head start and if I maintain that I can finish the classes ahead of schedule.  All of my classes will be done online and that always helps.  I don't know what the homework assignments are yet but I should be ready when they show up.  I am taking a computer ethics, computer security and a class in Sharepoint.  Only one more class for winter and I will be done with school and will see if I can get back into the workforce.

I am going to try and play a poker tournament today.  I am not a fan of these $5 tournaments but it will get me out of the house and do something different.

The other day I went out and played disc golf and lost the disc that was given to me to try out.  I don't like hole 14 where the grass and trees are in abundance and I just couldn't come up with the disc after I threw it out trying to get inbetween the trees.

Have a fun day......

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