Friday, September 27, 2013

Study Time

This is already and rough week and I don't see it getting any better.  Trying my hardest to get out of the box early and get ahead in my classes.  At first I didn't think having on-line classes would be good and especially the procrastination of waiting till the last minute.  I have gotten used to that and do a lot of my school work durng the morning when I am fresh and then in the afternoon will try to do some reading. 

I do have one class this quarter that ended up being one that I have to go into the college to attend.  In fact I will have to use their computers for the homework assignments since we are having to work on the virtual machine with the server.  Will have to do all of my prework from home and then spend afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday in the classroom on the computer.

I decided that I did not like disc golf very much so I am going to sell my equipment.  I do have someone interested in purchasing the discs and bag.  At least I can get some money back.

No poker for a couple of weeks.  One of the local casinos has decided to open up a 3-6 and a 4-8 limit game in town.  Now I wish I had the time to play in those since I like those games and do well in them.  Hopefully they will get a nice following and then when I can I will try to play in one of them.

For now I am studying and will continue to keep my eyes and ears open for a job. 

Have a fun day.....

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