Monday, September 16, 2013

Tournament Play

It was that time of the month to play in the invitation tournament that is put on once a month.  It is fun to play in this one and be able to contribute to the food bank and get prizes as well.

Today was Football month.  We had to wear a jersey, hat, or t-shirt signifying the team you like.  I went wearing my Rams hat.  I had my jersey but forgot to put it on in time and so wore my hat to the tournament.

Normally we start out with T$3,000 in chips and with my hat on and bringing cans for the foodbank and being there early to sign up I was able to start with T$4,500 in chips.  The casino has three tables and two of them were being used for a $2-20 cash game and so we had to start one of our tables out in the pit area on the blackjack table.  That was interesting and getting 10 people to sit at this table was interesting to say the least.  It took us awhile to get down to 8  and get more comfortable.  It was nice losing two at the same time.

I started out really well catching a flush right off the bat and then two hands later I picked up a straight and was able to add to my chips pretty fast.  During the tournament I picked up JJ and then QQ and was running very well on the table. 

Then the well ran dry and I couldn't get a hand at all.  I played fairly tight and picked up what I could to see if I could get to the final table.  When I finally made it to the final table and more comfortable chair I had T$6,500 left and the blinds were at 500/1000.  I went through the blinds and was now down to T$5,000.  I was sitting waiting for the best hand to show up and give me a chance to double up.  With ten players at the table and it looked like 4 short stacks it was going to be ruff for the all-in move.  I had then chip leader on my left which also made it hard to know when to make the move.

My last hand was AKo and I decided this was it.  I moved in my T$5,000 and had two callers.  I was up against JJ and 1010.  When the flop came out it was x10x and that did it for me.  I was out of the tournament and headed home.

The casino gives out a free play in the pit of $5.  I put the slip of paper down and my cards in blackjack showed up as 48.  The dealer had a 3 up.  I went ahead and hit and a 7 came out for me.  I sat and then the dealer showed a 9 for 12 and then proceeded to but with the next card.  I got my $5 and headed to the cage to cash.  Should have let it ride but $5 is better than nothing.

Have a fun day.....

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