Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Changes are Coming

I told you yesterday that I would post today about the meeting I had at 3:30. First before I get to the news I must catch you up on the events leading up to this meeting. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes back in 2001. From that time till I left my job in 2010 I was taking medication and eventually started giving myself insulin shots. It was in January of 2010 that I had gone far enough with diabetes that I couldn't control what was going on with the shots. I had gotten to seven shots in a day just to try to keep myself controlled. During this time I had gained enough weight that I was tipping the scale at 243 pounds. Now, for my height and size that is a lot of weight for me. I started the insulin pump at that time and to this day I am controlled by the pump. I try to watch what I eat and sometimes it is hard as I do enjoy my food. Not much has changed in the two years of being on the pump. I watch the biggest looser on TV and I go to the internet and look up all the different weight loss programs in the northwest and dream of the chance to make a difference with my life. Overall I have been screaming for help and figured there was no chance that anyone was listening to me. Sometime around March 2012 I started to ride my recumbant bike at home and was trying to follow a plan by biking across America in my bedroom since I couldn't do it in real life. I would put this map up in front of me and would follow the road where I was going for the day. In May of 2012 I saw an ad on the television about a weight loss program with Club 24. The ad showed people working out like the ones on the biggest looser show. Could I do this? I remember some of them in the show laying on the floor and not doing well. I figured how embarrasing that must be to be that bad that you can't do the exercises. Well, I decided that I wanted to try this program out and see if it would work for me. In May of this year I purchased a two year membership determined that I would at least do something. The first month was the circuit training with the Foundation group. My first day I was able to get through 6 exercises out of 8 and I had to go and sit on the floor. I quickly learned that was not an option. I needed water and air. I was unsure of myself about making it through. I sat out the next rotation and then finished the 3rd rotation with the group. My mind went back to the biggest looser show again and now I understood what they were going through. The trainer would not let me give up and the group made me feel welcome and supported me for the next visit. I think I am going to stop here and I will continue tomorrow with the big news I want to tell you about. Makes you want to come back? Have a fun day.......

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