Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have been putting in the hours working and not playing any tournaments. The schedule doesn't allow for a lot of play time. I am still playing some live just to fill up the table until others show up and then I get off. The last couple of days of playing I have gone away even. Better than loosing I must say. Today was the third week of our poker league. There are fifteen of us playing and it has been fun to earn points and get to the final week which is week six. The first week I wasn't paying attention and just put myself into a hole. I got 5 points out of 15 and that wasn't good. The second week I needed to have a good showing and was able to get 12 points and put myself back into the running. This week I was able to get 13 points and second place. We lost one member so the max in the week now is 14 points. My point total is 30 and the leader has 37 and this puts me into 3rd place overall. Three more weeks to get myself into a better position. We are going to start another poker league in August and this one will run on Saturday afternoons. Having something different is fun for us and our customers. This weekend is big for us as we are going to be giving away $50 every half hour for high hands. Should create a lot of play at the tables. Have a fun day......

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