Monday, July 16, 2012


I made it through the weekend working at the casino. Not much to talk about as the days were normal in their routine. I did get to the Club 24 yesterday and did the workout on the treadmill and the recumbant bike. I am thinking I may go ahead and work out six days per week instead of the five I am doing now. This would give me four days of the bike and treadmill and then the two days of Revolutions. I watched the "Extreme Makeover" last night and it does give me inspiration to keep moving and it also lets me know that this is a journey with no end. This will be my life style change and I will need to keep working at this. Nutrition is an area that is my concern and being diabetic I am now watching my Blood Sugars a little bit closer. I have been in the 70's before meals and will need discuss this with the diabetic learning center to see what needs to be done. I don't want to make changes until I know for sure that this is working for me. Monday is my day off from dealing poker and I went in to the casino to play the Noon tournament. I ended up cashing in the tournament which is good as I am getting ready to play in the summer tournament at "Wildhorse Casino". I will be playing in the Friday tournament. My plan is to drive down Thursday evening and then play the next day. Maybe play some live as well. Have a good day......

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