Thursday, July 12, 2012


My play today in the poker room was not very good. Today was a day off and I spent my time playing in two tournaments. I also spent time at the live table and did very poorly today. It just seemed that today when I did get a hand to play someone had one just a little bit better. Oh well thats poker, right? Islands Casino started league play today. There are 15 of us playing for the next six weeks to see if we can get the ultimate prize. I really like the format and it is fun to play even if I did go out early and now have five points. There will be five more weeks to get this turned around. I did my workout today at Club 24 and started the Revolution circuit and boy did that workout get me. I felt I needed to get myself into Revolutions and not feel comfortable in the Foundations class. It was time to start pushing myself and trying to make this happen. I am actually anxious to go to the gym now and get the workout done. I am still trying to get the time schedule down for me when I will do my time in the gym. I like the 5:35 class a little bit better than the 6:30 Foundation as for me it pushed dinner a little bit closer to my bedtime. Tomorrow I will be back at the gym and will do my treadmill and bike work out. My legs are feeling it and hopefully I can build some strength and stamina. I know already I feel better. My blood sugars are better before mealtimes and some of that is due to the meals I am eating. I still have to work on the nutrition aspect of this project. My issues being diabetic is carbohydrates vs calories. I have watched carbs and sometimes the calories are forgotten. I need to get some rest. Have a fun day.....

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