Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Review

I know this is Sunday but since my weekend begins on Friday and basically my play will end on Saturday this is the way I see my weekend. On Friday I went into the casino and sat down in the live game. I was able to win a few hands before they started the tournament. I didn't do well in this tournament so I went back to the live game and waited for it to start. During the time waiting for the big 3PM tournament I was able to get my $40 buy in at the live $2-$6 table up to $260. I had my Aces cracked for a nice $100 and then the hands just kept coming to get me chipped up. I am starting to understand what to do with this level of play. It is a river game but if I remain patient I can win some hands depending on the players I am up against. I did have the High Hand for awhile until it got beat right before the tournament started. I do have issues with this and voiced my concern to the poker manager. I know the hands are to go to the river to be considered in the high hand and this person only had 4 cards on the board and he claimed he had the high hand. My complaint was overruled in this case and for $25 and customer service I did not push it any further. I just know I did have the high hand but not the money that goes with it. Again my tournament did not go well and I was headed out to do my workout at Club24. Wow, what a workout when you are upset. I did not feel any pain through that one. I went back to the casino to play the live games again since this was the $50 high hands every half hour promotion. I played for two hours and didn't get one but I did increase my chip stack for $35 and it was time for me to leave. Overall for the night I made $301 and I was a happy camper. My bankroll appreciates this as well. Have a fun day.......

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