Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wildhorse Journey

Friday morning I started my journey down to the Wildhorse Casino to play in the Noon tournament. I like the Season Roundups that they put on and the cost is not bad either. This tournament was a total of $120 and we got T$10,000 in chips to start. I would need every one of them before I left town. My day was a tale of three different sessions over five rounds of 30 minutes each. When I start a tournament my first thing is not to play very many hands and if I do I will play only the best hands unless I am in the blinds and it is cheap to see cards. Also when you first sit down and look over the table and are looking for the fish and you don't see one then you are it. At this point they should have put a worm out there for me and I would have taken it. The first hand that basically started the down trend for me was the one I was in the BB. I held 24 and everybody just called. The flop comes AA3 and now what do I do. One person bets I call. The 5 comes on the turn. Again she bets I call. A 7 comes on the river and this time I bet and she calls and she turns ove A7 for a full house and I have the straight. Very nice. After that hand I just went downhill from there. I was at about T$3000 in chips and needed to do something at this point. I kept at it and finally won a hand and during this session I was able to build my stack back up to around T$9000 in chips. Then the break comes and I decide I need to change things up a bit and went out and got my Fedora to hide my face more. It worked for awhile and then the hand that was my demise. I had J10 and the flop came 8Q9. The turn was an x and then the river was a K. I push all in and she calls and she turns over A7. Both hands that got me today was the A7. When I left today I took the long way home just to go for a drive. My other issues was my Blood Sugars. I could not get them to go down today even though I was trying to control with insulin. I am not sure what was happening. I was sweaty most of the day and just did not feel that I was in that much control at the table with my body being tired for some reason. Need to figure this out. I am working out at Club 24 and the Revolutions class is a little bit better this last week. I am hoping I will be able to really get into them and get this weight off. I know that will help the diabetis issue as well. Have a good day.....

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