Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy Week

This week has been very busy for me. I decided to sell my parents vehicle and to just get rid of it. We don't need three cars sitting around the house when there are only two of us driving. I put the ad on craigslist and the next day it sold. I put a low price on it and they still got me to come down a little bit more than I wanted but it worked out. Now our insurance will go down and that will help the bottom line.

I got up at 0245 on Monday, Tuesday and then at 0315 on Wednesday to deliver papers. I am very glad that is done. I decided I would help this person and maybe take the route once a month so she could get some sleep since this is a 7 day per week job. I don't think I could handle being up every morning so this will help her out. I am back to being more alert now since I am back on schedule.

I have been watching Foxwoods and Commerce Poker tournaments online streaming. That has been fun to watch. You get to see all of the action at the final table even before it is a final table. See how they play and the betting patterns. You can't see the cards but it does help when they talk about the hands.

I need to find someone to discuss playing a structure of 20 minute rounds with T$10,000. Last night I played a structure of 10 minute rounds and T$20,000 and I am doing something wrong. I got KK and bet and nobody came in the pot with me. Slowplay? Something has to work. Will be looking at my books and see if I can find something that will help me. Maybe try 2+2.

This week I have been active with the stock market. I have played EV, AXP and now I am in SKS. These have all been momentum plays. I will see what my end result is at the end of today. Hoping for a positive week. Keeping the capital growing.

I need to keep at the stock market and try to do better in poker. I am not sure I want to try the live cash game again after the last loss I took. Need to do more reading before I try again. I would like to get the tournament structure down and be more consistant with some wins. If you have some ideas let me know.

I read something in the online paper this week that I thought was crazy. I read that WA State is thinking about legalizing Marijuana because of the tax benefits. Try to help the bottom line. Now why not legalize Poker online and tax that? I would think that would make more sense. What our lawmakers are thinking when they come up with stuff like that I don't know.

Have a fun day.....

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