Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy Week?

I just can't believe how fast time flies and then when I look at my blog I haven't written in a few days. I always say I will get better but then I stray off and my time is taken up with other things in my life and I forget. Lets go over what happened during the week.

Poker is number one this week. I have been following "PokerLawyer" and have decided to make some changes with my poker playing. I am going to cut back on the amount of tournaments I am playing and try to play just a few with the structures that I like. I am looking at the different Casinos in the state to see where the tournaments are at and play one in each of them. Right now my first big tournament will be at NorthernQuest, in Spokane, at the Spring Fling. I am going to play the Seniors event on April 5. After that I will travel to Wildhorse Casino, in Pendleton, Oregon, for the Spring Roundup and play their Senior event on April 19. I also will play in the Cash Games. Anything $1-$2 or $2-$5 will be the games of choice. I am tired of being frustrated and will focus on these to get better. I am looking for a place to go for March if I can find one. If not I may play every other week in a game at the Jokers Casino here in town just to keep active.

My stock account for the week was up and down. I put in a buy order for KOG this week and was bought in for .34 cents more than what I wanted to buy in at. My fault for not using a limit order. I am looking at ETF's to try and find a way to purchase and not have the fluctuations that go on with the other stocks. I also purchased the "Stockassault" software to try and have better picks available to me. It is presently working in the background of my computer looking at the next buy. So for this past week I am in CIM and KOG.

I found out this week that I still have a sharebuilder account from 2004 that I thought was cancelled. I went in and there is a whole $1.68 in the account. Wow, it might grow into something. I don't think I am getting any interest from it so I am not sure whether to add to it or just try to get the money out. It might cost me more to get the money than to just go ahead and add to it.

I bought a book called "Early Retirement Extreme". This book is very interesting and I wish I would have gotten ahold of it a number of years ago when I was still working. We might be able to do something since my wife is still working and we might be able to plan something after I have read the book completely. I like the concepts so far.

Very happy with PayPal this week. They finally released my account and I have my money back. Now I am changing all of the passwords so I am not hacked again. I need to make some changes to the account so my bank account is not vulnerable.

This week I have been spending some time at the library. Yes, it has been a long time. I sit and read the paper, financial papers and overall it just gets me out of the house so I am not getting depressed by sitting here all day. I wish they had poker magazines available too but they don't have them on their shelves. I guess I need to keep up the subscriptions on the ones I like to read.

Have a fun day.......

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