Friday, February 04, 2011

Posting Again

Uh oh, Looks like I am slacking again. Got to get something in the blog so I don't seem like I am forgetting what is going on with my life.

My sister came into town on Wednesday and left today in the evening. It was nice to have her here to visit with Dad and see Mom as well. I know she enjoyed the time with them. Being able to see Mom in her new digs at the Alzheimers Care Unit. Getting a chance to see how she is progressing and seeing Dad in his space at the Assisted Living.

I was able to play one tournament this week on Thursday evening. I made it to the final table but went out in tenth place. It gets frustrating sometimes when you know how to play the game but you just can't seem to get it going. I need some help. Who do I go to? I told you about the book with Susie Isaacs and now I must say there is a coach that I like to talk with and his name is Chris Wilcox. He is from Las Vegas and he coached me with my online play and gave me some good pointers. Now that I have to play all of my games live it is just a little bit different. I bought the book "The No BS guide to Winning Online No Limit Texas Hold'em" by Chris Wilcox. You can get this either as an E-Book or as an actual hard bound book. Either way you can't go wrong. Go to and take a look at all he has going.

I was able to contact him and he has been able to give me some pointers for live play and will be working this into my game this next week. I am happy to have him around to help.

I am reading a book called "Tournament Poker & The Art of War" by David Apostolico. Good read as well. I tend to read two or three books at a time. I read Magazines on poker. I watch poker on TV or internet. Can you tell I want to learn?

No news on the Paypal account. They did take the $150 out of the account and I am waiting for them to make a decision on whether they will give me back my money since I didn't make the purchase. I hope they can see that.

The stock market pick went well this week. I played LNG as a momentum play and brought my account back up to the January 1 level. Now to work on the next play. Ford (F) sure looks good right now. I am in CIM right now as well. That is my Dividend play. I am trying to make something each week with the stock market. Something I can do even if I am not at home. Hint, Hint for traveling to poker tournaments.

I read quite a few blogs and one of them is "" and is a good read. I like the setup she is proposing for online and live play. I am considering doing the same thing when the bankroll allows it. Of course I can't play online but I can play in the local tournaments. It will be fun to watch her progress. Take it down.

My sister has a condo in Bullhead City, AZ and is very busy on the Movie sets so she doesn't live there. Do you know someone that is a snow bird that would enjoy renting a fully furnished Condo and play in the Casinos across the river? It is only a 90 minute drive to Las Vegas as well. Just a thought and if you know of someone let me know and I will pass on the information.

Have a fun day......

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