Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Tournament

I wasn't sure whether I was going to play the tournament yesterday. It was around noon when I finally decided to play. I want to keep learning and doing well and trying to make the plays.

The tournament structure changed this month. It is now a $40 buy in and you receive T$10,000 in chips and the rounds are 20 minutes. The price is the only thing that changed in this one. It only means we will have more in the prize pool.

We started with about 27 runners and my goal of course is the final table. You can't get anywhere until you pass that one goal. I was pretty tight on my table and only played the premium hands and those in the blinds when no one else came in except limpers. This group likes to see flops.

I finally made it to the final table and I had about the same amount I started with. It was time to be a little bit more aggressive with my stack and see if I could make my second goal of the top 4. That is where the money is and I want to reach that level. I started to be aggressive and it was working. My aggression was against the shorter stacks and to make sure I was pulling in the blinds. I tried to stay away from the 2 big stacks,

In the end I was called by one of the big stacks when I had 88 vs KQ and lost on the board of xxQxQ. I went out in 5th place. Money bubble. That doesn't make me feel good. That hand didn't hurt me as much as the hand before when I had KQ vs AK and the board came xxKxx. That took most of my chips.

I will try again tomorrow.

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