Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Paypal Madness

This morning I woke up and looked at my iPhone again to check email to make sure someone else was not trying to take money out of my account. I then went to the computer and opened up my bank information and found out that Paypal went ahead and pulled the money out of my account. They are supposedly holding the money until this is resolved. They say 10 days. Wow, that is a long time to hold money. That will keep me from using my bank account for anything right now.

I then decided that since I hadn't received some information from a person that I paid about a month ago that I will try to push and see if I could get the information or at least my money back. So, in the month now I have basically lost $250. I put in the resolution to Paypal and immediately the person contacted me about the information I was supposed to receive. Amazing what a little bit of pushing will do. I say don't mess with me right now. I am down bucks and I intend to get it back or at least get the product I purchased.

I set up my stock account last night for a momentum play and when I looked at the computer this morning the stock was up. I watched the stock all day to see what would happen and by the afternoon I was able to put a stop loss on the stock to lock in so at least I would break even. Tomorrow if the stock goes up again I will be very happy. It looks like it has the room and the technicals show it should. Of course you can't trust anything to do what you would like for it to do. As I said before I need to start being aggressive with my picks. Hopefully this will be a start. My capital is back above the even mark.

I am reading a new book on Poker. The name of this book is "Tournament Poker and the Art of War" by David Apostolico. So far one chapter in and it is good information. Lets see if this might help my game a little bit more. Now I will be going to war with my chips.

I now have all of the paperwork for taxes. I will now spend some time going over them to see if we are paying again this year. I think we will be but not sure of how much.

Have a fun day.....

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