Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Poker

After having a fairly good day on Friday I figured that I was close to another win and wanted to keep playing so today is the day.

The Structure was $40 with T$15,000 in chips and the rounds were at 15 minutes. I started off and for some reason I am getting raised whenever I play. This has been happening to me the last few tournaments I have been playing. Am I giving off a tell? For some reason I am not telling a good enough story. One of the times I finally had a hand. I had AA and the guy at the end of the table who was raising me decided to do it again. I let him raise and then when the flop came rainbow I raised it up. He called and then on the turn I raised again and he reraised. I again called and then on the river we got it all in and I won the pot. That really changed the table dynamics for me. When I raised again for another pot they were not so eager to raise me.

There were 31 runners for this tournament. I ran well and was able to play my game and was picking up pots. I was looking for that final table and to get to the money. Again 4 would be paid.

I was running along and when we got to the 3000/6000 blinds I was at T$40,000 chips and again I did the same thing as I did on Friday. Instead of waiting I pushed all in to get people to fold and I was called and raised and we got it all in with me holding Kx vs AA. I was unable to catch the cards I needed and eventually was out of the tournament in 11th place. So this time I bubbled the final table.

I love to play tournaments but I am wondering if this is what I need to do. I am thinking about changing over to cash games instead and really work on my bankroll. I could do better in a cash game than the every now and then tournament. Maybe go back to tournaments at a later date when I have the bankroll to do that.

If I do this I will have to do some study on the cash game and then go after that. They play a 2-20 spread during the week later in the evening. Since I don't play until Friday again this will give me the time to think about it some more.

Time to change gears and look for stocks to buy this week. I am also looking at getting involved with the Currency market again. So many things to think about.

Have a fun week......

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PokerLawyer said...

Keep hanging in there Steve. Tourneys are so tough b/c you do have to get lucky. Thanks for the comment on the blog - I posted some pics of my grind station and I'll definitely be posting updates on the grind. Nothing earth shattering to report yet, but I'm working on it!