Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday Poker

This will be a short blog and you will see in a few seconds why.

I went down to the Casino to play in the 3PM tournament. The structure is $35 for T$10,000 in chips and 20 minute rounds. I like this tournament.
I think I have said this before. I drew my seat and I got the 5 seat at the Heart table. The blinds are 25/50 and we are now 3 hands into the tournament. I turn over 33. I went ahead and put in a raise for 3x the BB. One person came along. The flop comes 3xx with two diamonds. I bet and we end up getting all of the money in the middle and I loose to a

That was my tournament. I was very discouraged and I had not done
anything like that in a long time. Four hands and I am out. I could just see that one coming. I am going to try and play the 2PM tournament today. The structure is $40 with T$15,000 and 15 minute rounds.

I had a good week in the stock market. I am up so far for the capital
and now will hope for another good week and build on what I have right now. I am holding CIM for dividend and SKS is the momentum play for the next few days as long as it keeps moving up. Will be watching it closely tomorrow. I will start using a trailing stop to see if that will help me.

The weather around here is real nice at the moment. You could get used to this. Spring is really around the corner. Yard work is going to get started soon.

Have a fun day......

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PokerLawyer said...

Hi Steve - thanks so much for following my blog, I appreciate that you read it and comment, love that.

Good luck in the 2pm tournament if you play today. And with Spring and the upcoming yardwork!