Monday, February 14, 2011

The weather is a turning

After my disaster of playing poker on Friday I decided to play on Sunday. I wanted to show myself that I knew what I was doing and to play better poker and not make stupid decisions.

When I think about it the decision to go all in with my set on the 4th hand of the tournament was not a bad idea but I also had to take into consideration the two diamonds that were there on the flop. Would he play for a draw with two cards left to play? That had to be my decision and I chose to play with the made hand, the set, and force him off of the draw. Well, his decision was to play for the draw and he made that third diamond. I guess you have to say thats poker.

The Sunday tournament is another good structure. It is $40 and you get T$15,000 in chips and the rounds are 15 minutes. It looks like I will start trying to play the Friday and the Sunday tournaments. I believe they have the best structure for the week.

I was not getting any premium hands that I could play during the tournament and I knew I just needed to remain patient. As patient as I could be when you have a guy on the right that is coughing and hacking and you know he has a cold. Why do people do this? I really didn't want to get any of his chips. Basically I just stayed away from playing him. Is that a reason to not play someone? It was for me.

I kept track of my chip count and watching the other players stacks and I was down to about T$10,000 at the 300/600 level and it was getting expensive to keep putting chips in and not adding anything to my stack. Finally I was in the BB and was able to play Qx. A Q came on the flop so I bet and the other guy put in a big raise and so I went all in and he called. He showed K10 and he got a 10 on the river but it didn't help him and I doubled my stack.

We were still playing 3 tables at this point and we are now at 500/1000 and I am around T$15,000 and I pick up AJ. I raise the pot and the guy to my left comes along. The flop comes xxJ and I raise the pot again and he then goes all in. I figured he must have a J and he is trying to get me off of the hand. I know I can't beat AA, KK, QQ. Would he have any of that? I go all in as well and he turns over the KK. I didn't get anything on the turn or river so I am out of the tournament.

This all comes down to decisions. I am looking at the cards better and coming up with what I am up against and I am feeling that my reads are correct. Then why can't I lay it down? Curious? Just don't want to believe someone has a better hand? I need to remember that we are in a tournament and my tournament life is at stake whenever I go all in. I don't want to blind off but I need to stay in tournaments longer.

Another area that is hurting me is gathering chips during the tournament with non premium hands. Making plays for the pot when no one else wants it. I tried that yesterday as well and was reraised everytime I tried to do this. Do they have a read on me? Do I need to start wearing my sunglasses? Maybe start wearing a hat? These are things that I need to work on and figure out.

Now if anyone has any suggestions please let me know what you think.

Have a fun day......

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