Monday, January 31, 2011

Strange Morning

Let's start back a few days.

Friday evening we went to dinner at Isla Bonita, a very good Mexican Restaurant. I must say the food and the service is very good and worth going to this fine restaurant.

Saturday evening we went to dinner at Ty's Bar and Grill for a Birthday party and I must say this is the worst food and service I have ever encountered. They were notified the previous day we would have a group there and they said no problem. It took up to three hours to get food served and trying to get drinks was a complete waste. Definitely will not be going back to that grill. I could have done better service than what we got from there.

Sunday afternoon we went to another Birthday party and this was at Eatza Pizza. Sort of like Chuckee Cheese but not as big. That is the problem. They did not have very many pizza's out on the counter to choose from and they couldn't keep up. Overall we had fun but just not satisfied as a customer.

I played in the TOC Jokers event last night and ended up coming in 8th place out of the money. I did play well but I still need to add some plays into my game to get more chips. My first goal in any tournament is to get to the final table but getting to the money is the elusive part.

This morning I woke up and looked at my emails on my phone and seen that someone was hacking into my Paypal account and draining my bank account. I quickly got up and got on the computer and went into the Paypal account to put a stop to the transactions. I have put in a resolution and hopefully my money and my account will be fine. They say it takes about 10 days to complete. I guess now I sit and wait and watch the accounts.

I was hoping to work on my stock account this morning but so far the paypal stuff has been keeping me rather busy.

Have a fun day......

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