Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 in Review Pt. 1

This will be the first time I will attempt to put the year in review. I am sure I won't have everything listed but this is what I could locate in my black book.

January- This month started out fine but near the end things started to happen. One of the highlights was me starting on the insulin pump. I was giving myself 7 shots per day for diabetes and now I will be able to put the line in once every 3 days. What a change for me. I also had a kidney stone that was too big to pass normally and ended up in the hospital for a few days and had surgery to break up the stone and a stent was placed to allow the stone to clear. This meant I was not working and was on medical leave.

February- At this time we were remodeling our two bedrooms and the bathroom preparing for our son to move back in with us since he is now on reserves for the Navy. He just spent the last two years on active duty. The first part of the month also saw the removal of the stent in my bladder. At that time I was getting ready to get back to work and get off of the medical leave. The unexpected happened when I got back to work and ended up resigning my position and now was one of the unemployed. What will happen now that I was without my job?

March- The start of the month I turned 54. Now that I was unemployed I was looking for my next adventure. I started playing more online poker. I also started playing regularly at the local casino. I started winning more and my online play was getting better. I decided to get a coach from Las Vegas to help me with my online play. I found a Stock Trading Academy in Seattle that I attended for a week and a half. Now I was playing poker and learning how to trade stocks. Two of the things I have wanted to do for some time.

April- Once I got done with the Online Trading Academy I then set up my account to allow me to trade online. I then played in a poker tournament at the Spring Roundup in Pendleton in the Seniors event. Working on my poker game was important to me and this is one way of checking how I am doing.

May- I enrolled in the WSOP Academy to make a trip to Las Vegas where I would train with 4 professional players. At the time I was in Las Vegas the WSOP was also getting under way. I was able to watch many of the poker pros play in the evening after my classes were done. Attending this class has helped my game improve and I am continuing with the WSOP Academy with their online teaching.

June- When I got back from Las Vegas I then started my 3 month class on Trading Stocks. This class was 3 to 4 days per week. This will take my mornings and then also allow me to watch the stock market and learn when to trade. My online poker and the casino playing continued during this time.

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