Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poker Thoughts

I am done with my daily viewing of the stock market. I did get back into the market this morning and will now try to sit on my hands and let the market do what I think it is going to do. If not I will get out and try again. This has been an ongoing thing with me this past year and I am starting to get more aggressive at the trading part of it now. It has been hard to try to find my comfort level and how I want to treat the market. My goal is to earn an income and travel at the same time playing poker. See how these two fit together? But first the capital has to grow and that takes patience.

I have another blog that talks about my time trading stocks but am starting to wonder about just combining the two and only have one to keep up with. I think it might work. I was reminded today while reading a blog about how we are so much into technology these days. I am going to try and learn how to get this blog more tech savy and maybe put some ads on here. I have a number of blogs I follow and I could attach them here as well. Maybe learn something new.

Today was another one of those days that I was beating myself up on what to do with my tournament play. I am not a fan of the structures that I play and I have to wonder why do I keep doing this to myself. So, I have decided to turn my efforts on the live cash game. It puts more money out front but if I play like I know how to I should be alright. I went through my black book the other day and I show that I play better and bring home money when I do play cash. Tonight I will call the Casino and see what they have available. I won't play 2-40 spread but will try to get in the games of 2-10 and 2-20 when they are available.

Now that I feel better about that I will need to brush up on the Cash game play book.

I have been reading some blogs on travel. There are quite a few people that travel in their RV's and do well. I started thinking about a way to travel out of state and still be able to play online. Wonder if going out for a couple of days at a time and put in some quality time playing with my laptop. We are only about 35 miles from the Oregon border. This is something I will have to work on.

Have a good day......

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