Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Next Day

After the excitement from last night I was anxious to go try it again. You know the saying if your on a roll keep going. Well, that didn't work out so well for me tonight. I just couldn't catch a hand tonight. I thought at one point I had the best hand and put a lot of chips in the middle and lost them to a better hand. Should have known better. I had two pair and lost to a set. I should have seen it coming.

After I got done playing the tournament tonight I went over and sat down and played some live 2-20 cash game. I would prefer the 2-10 but they don't like to play it here. It looked like everyone was buying in for the same amount so at least we were all the same. I was thinking about going with a deep stack but decided to try the shorter stack tonight.

My big hand was AK and the flop was AAx. K on the flop and x on the river. I had a nice boat and the person following along had an Ace as well for a set. That was a nice hand. When I did finally leave the table I was up for the night for playing both the tournament as well as the cash game.

I would like to continue to play the cash game and if I can travel some I would then stop and play at the local casinos and see if I can make it that way. First things first with this "Pipe Dream".

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