Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Doctor Visit

I was pretty excited to be visiting the physician who did the surgery today. Figure out what we were going to do next. I was finally able to stop taking the Hydrocodone pills and after a little bit of withdrawals I worked through it and I am now free from taking anymore. The problem I am having is the muscles are hurting me when I try to have some range of motion with my neck.

I finally drove my pickup yesterday and even though my issue of turning my head to look at traffic, I was able to turn my shoulders and get the job done. I still don't like the driving part because of this so will let Cindy do the driving for me if I have to leave the house.

My understanding was that this was a three week episode and I would be ready to be in full motion. Wrong. The doctor told me today it is a 3 month process and to expect some more time recuperating. Ok, maybe I was pushing this thing too fast. Three months is a long time but what else am I going to do? So, three months it is. She gave me some Valium to help calm the muscles and I will use them at night and help me get some sleep and keep the muscles from hurting. My hardest time is the night time trying to lay down on my sides.

So, as it is right now no big movements and no lifting of anything over 5 lbs. I can't lift my arms over my head. No problem with that anyway. It was a good visit with the physician and if I had to do it again she would be my pick.

Tonight I played poker for the first time since early December. I will write a blog tomorrow about my tournament run.

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