Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have always tried to stay away from three items when it comes to discussions. I think most people do but today I am just about at my wits end. Oh yes, the three topics just in case you were wondering. They are Sex, Religion and Politics. I will discuss most anything but I am a loner when it comes to my believes on these subjects.

Right now I am having a problem with the new insurance that I had to get for my parents. A few years ago I needed to take over their financial stuff and start working with the Medicare, Medicaid and Pharmacies. So far I haven't had that many problems and I have a very nice product specialist that helps me out when I have questions.

This past Thursday I found out that the pharmacy was no longer a preferred pharmacy with the new insurance that my parents have. At the time there was not a problem but when my Mom had to move into an Alzheimers Care Unit they then requested Mom change her pharmacy to the one they use.

Now she basically doesn't have any pharmacy until we get the insurance and the pharmacies and the Doctor to speak with one another to get this ironed out. I was hopeing it would be today. We are getting closer as we speak as the phone calls are now moving everything. I say just get me out of the middle of it and let them talk to each other and things should go smoother.

I could discuss more political stuff but I am going to shut my mouth before I get myself into more trouble. I will say this though that those people up on the hill have everything handed to them and they do not care about those of us that have to live our lives trying to get by with their dreams of the perfect land.

Enough for the day.

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