Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tonight for some reason I wanted to watch a movie. I wanted to sit and turn my mind off and enjoy what was happening on the screen. I chose to watch "Rounders".

I didn't get a chance to play poker tonight. The Alzheimers Care Unit had their night out with the families of the loved ones in the unit. It gave us a chance to sit together and eat a meal and then talk about the issues we are all facing. It gave all of us a chance to hear that we are not the only ones going through the guilt that we all feel. We are all feeling the same things.

I came away from the evening feeling like my Dad was maybe starting to understand why she is there. Sometimes I feel he is still going through that denial and that she will get better. In fact he mentioned tonight in the truck going back to his place that since she is starting to walk, eat better that the Alzheimers is getting better. Dad, he missed the point again.

Back home and wanting to watch the movie. I chose "Rounder" because I hadn't watched it for some time and I wanted to see if there was anything I missed from the first time I watched it. So, I popped my popcorn and started up the dvd player.

It is a good movie. I could do without Worm. I suppose you need to have a story line but playing bad poker just isn't what I like to watch.

What did I learn? I think the thing I picked up on was the tells. I need to pay more attention. Not so much the facial but all of the other actions that someone will do with the chips and cards. I need to focus more on those things and see if I can pick up something from the players that I play with at the casino.

I am still in a couple of stocks and watching them closely. They have the ability to move higher and the Technical Analysis points in that direction. I am hoping for a nice move soon. I am watching a couple of others that I am not in yet but again the TA is getting close to a buy point. The big question is when to pull the trigger.

Hopefully I will play poker tomorrow night and maybe some live cash afterwards. I need this bankroll to grow as well. Lets have another good week like last week.

Have a fun time.......

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