Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 Review Pt. 2

So far the first six months were very busy and it started a new path for me. I want to enjoy life and do what makes me happy. I want to learn some new things and try to make my life mean something. I am a very competitive person when it comes to playing games. I just want the next six months to build from the last six months.

July- I continued on my XLT training and learning the ins and outs of trading the stock market. The difference of support and resistance and when to make a trade. I also went to the Summer Roundup in Pendleton to play at the Wildhorse Casino. I was interested to see how much I learned from the WSOP and if my skills are getting better. I placed 80/245 players. That was a great showing. I know I can make it in the tournaments.

August- This month was our 35th anniversary. She is my rock and I appreciate what she does for our family. This month we also got word that my Mom's Cancer had come back after a year from surgery. Now starts the process of finding out what we can do for her. Alzheimers and Cancer. We were able to get her started on Hormone therapy and to this date it seems to have gone into remission. This month ended my three months of XLT learning.

September- During this month I started having issues with my neck hurting quite a bit. This pain would travel from my shoulder to my arm and then to my elbow. I was also loosing feeling in my fingers. I had also decided to start a class from H&R Block. I have tried in the past to take this course and work towards preparing taxes and then take some time off and play poker. I also took a Rich Dad workshop. It was an interesting workshop and also helped me with my stock trading. The biggest blow was having Pokerstars shut out all Washington players.

October- I was doing well with the H&R Block class and was holding a 99%. I then got gout in my knee. I could not get out of bed or move for a number of days. I had it confirmed that it was gout and started taking medication. I ended up stopping my education with H&R Block since I couldn't keep up anymore. I started some physical therapy for my neck to see if it would help. I also became very active in my stock trading at this time.

November- This month we finally had to move my Mom into an Alzheimers Care Unit and separate my parents. Mom was not doing well and if we would have left her there we would have lost her for sure. She is being well taken care of. I ended up skipping the Fall Roundup this year at Wildhorse Casino. With all of the medical stuff going on it just didn't work out. Since the physical therapy did not work for me I ended up getting an injection in my neck. This did not work out for me as well. Back to the Neurologist to see what the next plan of action was. During this month another blow to playing online saw Fulltilt stop all Washington players from playing on their site. Before they stopped the players I was able to triple my account during the month. That let me know I could play at higher limits.

December- I was pretty much home bound for the month of December. I did not play much poker because of my neck problem. The physician and myself decided to have the surgery done to fuse my C6 and C7 together. When the physician opened up the neck she found the disk was breaking apart and was free floating in the neck. I am recuperating from that surgery still.

I am excited to be able to drive again and start my 2011 at the casinos and start working the game again. I ended the year for stock trading in the positive as well. I guess patience will serve me well for both poker and stock trading in this new year. Stay tuned for more action.

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