Monday, January 17, 2011

New Week

I was going to play poker on Friday but then I ended up having some health issues that kept me in bed til one in the afternoon I didn't have the energy to play the game at that point. The pain from my neck surgery seems to just flair up whenever it wants and then I start taking my pain pills and it just keeps me from wanting to do anything.

I got a call late in the afternoon about my moms medications that needed to be changed to a different pharmacy due to the medicare changing insurance. This is such a hassle and then there are people that will not help out in rectifying the situation to make it easier. No customer service sometimes. Very frustrating for me since I am hurting and not being able to drive to the pharmacy. This needs to be taken care of by the pharmacies themselves but they won't do it over the phone.

Over the weekend I was able to watch the PCA live on the internet. That was very enjoyable since I can sit back and watch the tournament and see everything that is happening. I did watch a little bit of it on Sunday as well. Between that and football. I really don't watch football as much as I did when I was younger. I guess my attention span for watching is not there anymore. I can sit and watch a poker tournament though. Go figure? I think it is really good that shows these and hope they will continue.

My plan this week is to try and play a couple of tournaments. I am not sure which days of course. It will be Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Those are the best structures that they have at Jokers Casino.

After reading some of the traveling blogs I am starting to look for a small travel trailer even if I have to do some fix up I think it would be fun to take some time to travel. Some people have done some great stuff in fixing some of the trailers or vans to travel with. I would like to visit some of the WSOPC events that come close to Washington State. At this point I am looking for something to work with. If you know of any small trailers with a bathroom I might be interested.

I cooked dinner last night. Here are a couple of pictures of what I did. I took the hamburger and seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic. Put very little oil in the pan and started to fry the burgers. I put water in the pan and let the burgers steam. When the water would evaporate I would put a little bit more. I also cut up some potatoes and deep fried them and made our own french fries. I used sea salt on them for seasoning.

Have a good day....

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GypsyLarry said...

You'll get severe muscles spasms for no apparent reason on and off following the surgery. This will go on for some time. Panic not. It's part of the healing process. But it's a bitch. When it happens, you just need to relax and medicate, taking it easy and not worrying. It's the process. Just go with the flow. TIme will eventually heal it and the spasms will be far between.