Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poker Time

The last few days I have been rather down on myself and all the stuff going on with me. My ankle is swollen and I don't know what is causing it to be that way. My neck is still hurting from the surgery. I am stuck in the house all day going through stuff on the computer. Stocks, Poker and whatever else I can read. Not being able to play online anymore really makes my growth difficult with poker. I know I can win in the casino and it takes more money and I just want to be sure I am doing the right thing.

I was watching TV the other day and saw this show on the golf channel "Pipe Dream" It piqued my interest and I watched the first episode and then watched the second episode today. Wow, the things this person is going through and here I am with a home and family and I was feeling sorry for myself. Get up off the mat steve and brush yourself off and get going again.

Another area that got me going was reading the blog "Living in my car". Wow, that got me thinking again about what I could do and quit thinking I couldn't do anything.

I went to Jokers tonight and played in the $35 buy in and received T$20,000 in chips with 10 minute rounds. I told myself to be patient and I could do this structure. I had some lumps during the first part of the tournament but by the time I got to the final table I was ready to rumble. I always say get me to the final table and I know what to do. I ended up first place tonight and was a big boost to my confidence again. I am now in the January Championship game in a couple of weeks.

My goal is to find a small trailer or motorhome and be able to start going to the WSOP circuit events close by. I know I can do this. I can do this without the help of the internet. Watch me!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah you can do it...Sometimes I think maybe internet poker is detrimental to live play anyhow...I know I have an easier tim @ live games...JB