Thursday, January 06, 2011

Wednesday Poker Night

It seems that lately I have not written much about my poker experiences and what I am doing. Now that I am unable to play online that also slows down any poker playing that I do. Last night I decided that I wanted to get down to the Casino and play the game.

I have spent a lot of time going through the WSOP Academy training and trying to finish the semester, as they call it, and see what else they provide for us as students of the game. I would like to start talking about each of the chapters in my blog and hopefully that will help ingrain what I am supposed to be learning.

I arrived at Jokers Casino and paid my buy in of $35 for the tournament. The tournament structure is T$20,000 in chips with the rounds at 10 minutes. I am not a fan of this structure but you have to play what is given to you. I am in seat 10, which is a good seat for me. It gives me the button right off the bat and I am able to wait and watch the players to see what kind of table this is going to be.

Right off the bat this table is going to be a wild one. You talk about Loose/Aggressive. Big pots with a 25/25 blinds. Why would you do that so soon? Ok, with this type of table I am going to play tight and only with the premium hands. Here I will try to take someone out that is playing loose which is about half of the table.

My first good hand was AK and I was in LP. I just called to cap the betting and see what the flop will bring. Nothing for me but a couple of players bet big again and I went ahead and folded. The same thing happened to me when I had 66 in LP and on the flop two players again bet big, way over the size of the pot, and I let them go since I didn't hit my set. The next hand I recieved was AJ and the number 9 seat was overbetting alot of hands so I raised him all in. I won this pot of about T$10,000. I was now about T$30,000 and felt I was doing well at this point. The table was still Loose/Aggressive and I was maintaining my tight play. The next hand I played was AJ and this time I was in MP and I put out a 3X bet to see if it would hold. No one wanted to play this hand so I brought the chips home. I thought at this time maybe the table was calming down. Next was 88 and I was in EP so I just called and then ended up folding when the pot was raised and I hadn't hit my set.

The last hand for me for the night was AK and I was in EP. It seemed the table was starting to turn tighter and at the level of 500/1000 we were starting to loose some players that were hanging on. I don't like this play but for some reason I decided with AK suited that I was going to go all in with my T$29,000 in chips and I had most everyone covered except one or two people. I wanted my all in move to signal that a tight player had a hand and I would be happy with the blinds. No, that is not what happened. I had three callers. There was a 77,99 and Qx. The board came out with a Q on the flop and a 9 on the river. I was out of the tournament.

I have had time to think about this hand and I really don't like my play. This does not show patience and I don't think this was in any way how I should have played the hand. AK is still a hand that if it does not pair up on the flop is just a normal type hand. It is a premium hand but for me doesn't play well when you don't hit the flop. What I don't like is the all in with the T$29,000 in chips. I could have raised 3x to see what the table would do especially in EP. I let this one hand beat me where I could have had the opportunity to get to the final table.

One thing I am starting to do is put my hands in my iPhone for later to look at what I did and what hands I was willing to play. I have to find my hand range and then will look for ways to play then appropriately. Hopefully I learned something with this one. Any suggestions comment to me.

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