Friday, January 21, 2011

Everything Poker

It has been a very nice three days. I was able to play poker for the last three days and have played not only tournament poker but have put in two sessions of live cash poker.

I was very close to the final table this afternoon. There were 36 runners and I came in 12th. Just missing the final table. I had the chips and was at around 12 BB's and I needed to gather more chips. I put my army to work and they came up short. My last hand was 88 vs QQ. I guess I could have waited for a better spot but I don't know what that would have been. This was one of my hardest losses to date. I was working hard at getting my chips and was so close to the goal of the final table.

I usually allow myself about an hour of feeling bad for myself and why did that person call when he should not have been in there anyway. Then I get over that and start analyzing my play to see if I could have done anything different. Usually it is the patience part that gets me. Maybe on the end but during the tournament I was rock solid. I even have the dealers on my side. Someone was complaining about a hand they lost with me and the dealer told them right out that "Steve is a good player and knows what he is doing". It makes you feel good about yourself.

I went back to the Casino after going home because of the Plinko game that they have going. I filled out a bunch of tickets that the players were just giving to me so I decided to fill them out and see if I could pick up a couple of hundred free dollars. When I got there they were getting ready to play the live game so I ended up playing in their 2-40 cash game. I don't like to do that high but since most of the people were buying in for less than the usual I decided to get involved. I picked up a good hand and increased my stack. At that point I play with that money and pull out my buy in. Once that is gone I back out of the game. I lasted an hour and a half playing with the money I won and ended up breaking even for the night. I was looking for another hand to win big with but it never came.

That meant it was time to go home. What a week. Wednesday tournament and I win. I play live after the tournament and increase my bankroll. Thursday I play in the tournament and bust out. Friday I play again in the afternoon tournament and do well but bust out and then Friday evening play in the cash game and break even. Overall for the week my bankroll did increase.

Now if I can get my stock picks to do the same. Sunday I will need to sit down and go over my picks for the week.

Have a fun day......

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