Saturday, January 29, 2011

I like Friday

I like the Friday tournament at Jokers Casino. It is the best structure available with 20 minute rounds and you start with T$10,000 in chips. It really gives you a chance to sit and watch and wait for the right time to play cards.

After the night before when I blew the chance to walk out with some profit I was anxious to get back and play in a tournament.

Everytime I have a bad run of tournaments and try to figure out what I am doing wrong I have a book that I will always turn too. The name of the book is "MsPoker: I'm Not Bluffing" by Susie Isaacs. For me she explains what to do and when. She explains it in a written form that helps me to understand what I am supposed to do.

I know I attended the WSOP Academy and got instruction there and have also gone through the WSOP Academy online classes but if I want a refresher I just reread the book on tournament play and I seem to do better.

This tournament went well for me. I played appropriately and as I should. I don't have anything to complain about with the way I played and will build on this. The only thing that hurt me was when I raised the pot pre-flop I wouldn't get any callers. This happened everytime I played a hand tonight. Yes, it is nice to get the blinds but I would have liked a little bit more. I am going to cut back on the raises to see if I can get callers and play my hands more post flop.

This Sunday is the TOC for the month and I am entered with the win I had a week ago. I am hoping I will do well. The structure for this tournament will be 15 minute rounds with T$3,000 in chips to start. Not much chips to start so will need to chip up early and then go from there. There will be a plan but I need to see who is at my table first. These are all winners for the month so you are not going to find weak spots.

I am really happy to see some of the states start to legalize poker and only hope that WA State will get their head out of the sand and legalize as well. I used to be a part of the RT board and when we were trying to get a license through the state it took us a number of years and money. We were told by the lobbyist group we had to pay our dues before it would go through. I hope they do their job and get it done. You always end up putting money into someones hand to get noticed and to get things where you want them. Those with the most usually get what they want.

Here it is at the end of the month and I am down overall in my Stock Market account for the year. Yes, just one month in and I have 11 months to go to get it back into the positive. One good decision and it could help the bottom line. I seem to do better with my Resort & Casino stocks but am trying to branch out and pick some others. That is what happened this month. Time and patience and a proper reading of the charts is what it takes.

Have a fun day......

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