Thursday, May 05, 2011

Feeling Better

Yesterday was my first day not getting up at 0230 and doing the paper route. I slept in till noon. I really needed that sleep to catch up and now that the six days are over with delivering papers I can get back to other things.

What a week this has been. The taking down of OBL. It was amazing how we, the royal we, were able to find him and especially where they found him. In my opinion I think they knew where he was. Does this mean we are done in that theater? We can bring our troops home? Great job to our military and all of those involved.

This week I also sold my two stocks that I was in. I sold CIM and ARR and was in profit in both of them. They are dividend stocks so I do plan on getting back into them when they go back to a demand zone. I am still looking for other dividend stocks that I can get involved with. I need to spend some time going through my lists that I have and finding the right ones.

I still have not played any live poker and not sure when I will go back to the casino. I am still spending my time reading and thinking of the game but not putting any actual time playing. I am thinking about spending some time at the free tables though just to have some fun and stay focused with the game.

I have been following all of the drama since Black Friday and still think it is wrong to do away with something that does not hurt any one and especialy when we are allowed to "gamble" with the horses, lotto and other things. Just does not seem right. I have been seeing a lot of ads about other poker sites and they are still taking US players.

Now AB/UB going bankrupt. I was surprised to read about that one. I wonder if Helmuth and Duke saw that coming?

Definitely need to give "Internet Poker Coach" a read. If you are thinking about having a coach then get a hold of Chris. You can even sign up for his class in Las Vegas coming up shortly. He helped me with my online game and I highly recommend him.

Have a fun day......

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