Monday, May 30, 2011


Even though I am not going down to Las Vegas for the WSOP I am very excited to have it going again starting tomorrow.

I was there last year at the WSOP Academy when the tournament started. It was fun to be there in the Pavilion and look at all of the tables and just imagine that someday I could be sitting in one of those chairs playing cards with these individuals.

How exciting would that be to have that dream come true. To sit at one of the tables and hear the announcer say "Shuffle up and Deal".

Well, back to earth now and the reality of it all. Still not ready bankroll wise to spend the time and money in Las Vegas. I sit here and wonder what it takes to make that trek. How can I accomplish this goal? I have the heart but the area I live in and the games available to me are what is keeping me from realizing a dream.

Keeping positive about my goal is hard. I just need to make a plan and somehow make it come true. Travelling with the price of gas is hard and staying in motels gets expensive.

Again this year I have to say Maybe next year I can make it for a tournament. Maybe try to get to a WSOP-C and see what happens. I really like the WSOP.

Have a fun day and enjoy the show.....Thanks ESPN for showing more tournaments as well.

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